Replacement dwelling on the site of a former bungalow using the footprint of former house with orchard to the rear.

Low energy house incorporating a Nulock PV tile roof to generate electricity, rainwater recycling, timber I sections for roof and floor construction with super insulation including pavatherm slabs in roof, wood burning stove, underfloor heating, mechanical heat recovery ventilation and solar thermal roof panels

Treated Floor Area: ?? m²

Annual Heating Demand: ??KWh/m²

Peak Heating Load:   ?? W/m²

Frequency of overheating:  (> 25­°C) ?? %

Airtightness:    ?? ac/h@50Pa

Primary Energy Renewable Demand:  ?? KWh/(m²annum)

On site renewable energy generated :   ?? KWh/annum

Embodied Carbon : ?? kgCO2e/m²


Location: Anderton

Architect: Phi Architects

Completion: 2011

Contractor:  Self Build

Stuctural Engineer: Barraclough

Construction Value:  Under £200,000

Photography:  Phi Architects